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Baby and child essentials

Pilbara, WA

Essentials for mums and bubs fleeing domestic violence

Women often leave domestic violence in a hurry. They don't have time to gather belongings for themselves or their children, and often leave without the essentials.

The perpetrator mostly takes control of the money, and the women are therefore unable to provide items of food or clothing for the children.

We are asking for your donations to help arm these women, their beautiful children and babies with the items they so urgently need. We’re looking for donations of formula, nappies, prams, baby wipes, bottles, bottle teets, clothing and shoes.

Please consider teaming up with your work colleagues, school, church, or group of friends to GIVIT Together and help get life-changing items to these women and their babies.

When we GIVIT Together, we have incredible impact.

I can’t thank GIVIT enough. The support we have received from GIVIT, and the very special people who are a part of GIVIT.

The domestic violence area at our service has been lucky enough to be able to pass on your donations to our very needing clients. Seeing the relief on the faces of our clients when handing them a food voucher, mobile phone for safety, a pram or baby formula is priceless. I thank GIVIT so much and so do our clients.


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