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Community garden

Eden, NSW

Help build a garden for a community struggling with mental health

After years of drought, bushfires and now the COVID-19 pandemic, the community of Eden in New South Wales is inspired to get back on track and build a community garden.

A local organisation is asking for support to continue building a community garden, in the hopes of bringing people back together following the 2020 bushfires.

The community garden supports families in a low socioeconomic area. This area experiences high unemployment, domestic violence and other issues related with housing commission suburbs.

A small team of local women and children now get together on a regular basis to tend the garden. They have managed to set up a worm farm, garden beds and native tree garden, and are now looking for more garden items so more locals can get involved in the project.

They would be incredibly appreciative of donations of gardening tools to help make their jobs much easier and more enjoyable. These tools could be rakes, hoes, spades and a wheel barrow. They are also looking for garden implements such as forks, spades, flower pots, gloves, Moo Poo, packets of seeds and beehive making kits.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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