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Drinking water


The Giving Water Initiative

The bushfires in Victoria were devastating. Lives were lost and many homes destroyed. Some people had their homes saved, but endured the heartache of unbelievable damage to their properties. We are seeking financial donations to provide drinking water to bushfire-devasted Victorian communities.

Some of these residents are still living on their burnt out blocks without access to household water. Now, people are not only struggling to find clean drinking water, but other water needs such as tanks and hot water systems are becoming scarce and costly. As such, residents have gone eight months without a hot shower (imagine that!).

GIVIT recently partnered with Mission Rainwater, a group of local community members, philanthropists and charities to support the need to access clean drinking water in fire affected Victoria. The project is ongoing and the need will continue to grow as people start their recovery process of moving back onto their properties to rebuild.

This projects has been fruitful so far, with more than 40 properties supported across the North East and East Gippsland.

The Giving Water Initiative aims to support all water associated needs in the region. It will allow GIVIT and its partners to help provide access to drinking water by also supporting additional water access needs.

Please help provide these families with a comfort many of us are lucky enough to take for granted. 100% of funds received will go towards this project. All donated funds will be spent locally, and GIVIT will engage local trades where possible, driving growth and access into these communities.

Please fill out the form below to donate, and we’ll be in touch soon.

When we GIVIT Together, we have incredible impact.

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