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Essential items

Macarthur area, NSW

Essential items for women going through difficult times

Women going through incredibly tough times, including one woman who recently paid for urgent spinal surgery after suffering five years of domestic violence, need your help to secure the items required to begin a new chapter in life.

The domestic violence service supporting these brave women is requesting funds to buy the items they need, during and after an emergency. To donate funds please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 100% of funds received will be used to purchase items needed.

Below the service shares how important your donations are, followed by the stories of three brave women who sought help from this service. Your donations will enable the service to help many more women battling equally hard times.

Macarthur Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (MWDVCAS) is a DV specialist service operating in the Macarthur area. In January to June 2020 we supported 1,694 clients with DV specific issues.

MWDVCAS uses GIVIT to support a portion of our clients. These clients are usually just getting their own accommodation after having to leave because of Domestic Violence. Some of our clients have been homeless and been in refuge/shelter accommodation. Our client groups are many and varied – Aboriginal, Multicultural, Young Women, Women with a Disability and Generalist clients.

GIVIT has been instrumental in the support of some of these clients allowing them to get:
• Furniture for their home;
• Bedding and linen;
• Kitchenware;
• Heaters;
• Specific things for children – particularly children with special needs.

The goods we have sourced through GIVIT for our clients are things these women do not have. They are things we take for granted every day of our lives – and these women do not have the financial capacity to buy. Beds are vital for anyone, linen and kitchenware are also difficult to live without.

Without GIVIT we would not be able to support our clients in the magnificent way we do. We are grateful for this collaborative approach we have with GIVIT and can – without doubt – say that without their support women and children would not be able to live with their everyday needs that we all take for granted.


Stories of women who sought help from this service, and received GIVIT donations:

Women suffering long and ongoing domestic and family violence

A woman escaped ongoing violence, after she lost hearing to one of her ears during a serious and severe assault. This woman was left isolated as she is from a multicultural background and has no family members to support her. Whilst escaping the violence and obtaining medical attention, the furniture in the house was cleaned out by the perpetrator. This woman now has to start all over again with nothing. Her priority is the comfort of her children who escaped with her.

Mother of two children lost everything in a house fire

A single mother lost her home and all belongings when her home was set on fire after a domestic violence incident. This mother had been homeless since the end of 2019, and only months later was given another home. She required all household items to furnish her home, and urgently needed clothing for her children and herself.

Single mum of a child with high needs, left homeless due to domestic violence

A single mum was made homeless due to domestic and family violence. She was forced to leave home with no belonging of hers, or her two children. They were staying in a one bedroom unit with her terminally ill grandmother, but needed relocating into their own home. Once relocated, they required all the household and essential items needed to start a new chapter in life.

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