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Men's underwear and toiletries

Middle Swan, WA

Toiletries and underwear for male prisoners being released

An organisation providing vital support to people who’ve been incarcerated, as they start a new chapter in life, is requesting our help to get donations of underwear and toiletries.

This organisation not only provides support to prisoners upon release, but also their families and children while they are incarcerated.

Some of the support the organisation provides is practical support in the way of clothing, underwear and toiletry items to assist in easing the financial strain some of these families may be experiencing, in particular the prisoners upon release.

Some prisoners are released with little to no possessions to come out to. Many experience difficulties including homelessness and unemployment, both heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic due to shelters and emergency housing not taking new clients, and the increase of people looking for work.

Simple items will make a big difference in helping these people get back on their feet. They required male specific toiletry items such as shavers, shaving cream, hair products and body wash, as well as new underwear.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

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