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Help the growing number of Aussies who have NO internet access

Do you have old mobiles hiding in a bottom drawer, or computer equipment you don’t need stored away in a cupboard? Are you a business that has just rolled out new computers and has HEAPS to get rid of? We need them! We need donations of new and second-hand personal tech items to help the growing number of Aussies who have NO access to the internet.

Internet access is essential. We should all be able to use digital technologies to manage our health and wellbeing, access education and services, organise finances, and connect with friends, family, and the world beyond.

Individuals with low levels of income, education, and employment are significantly less digitally included. There is consequently a substantial digital divide between the rich and the poor.

We’re calling on you to help foster digital inclusion by donating your used smartphones, laptops and computers. Digital inclusion will help lift families and communities out of the cycle of poverty, and better support those struggling with social issues such as domestic violence and child abuse.

We'll also help you get them refurbished and ready. GIVIT is working with generous IT partners and businesses to clean, refurbish and set-up devices to ensure they’re ready for use by people in need. All your data will be protected!

If you'd like to donate funds, 100% received will go towards purchasing digital donations for people who need them. Please donate funds by filling in the form below.

Remember, every donation helps. When we GIVIT Together, we have incredible impact.

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