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Personal and hygiene packs

Mirrabooka, WA

Personal and hygiene packs for vulnerable young people

We are seeking help to gather personal items, to give to young people when they need it. Being able to give them a small pack containing essential items to assist with their care and recovery is incredibly valuable.

We are looking for any businesses which may have any extra stock to reach out and let us know.

The items we're searching for are toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorants, body sprays male and female, perfumes, aftershave, soaps, body scrubs, facial scrubs, body wash brushes, hair brushes, hair ties, shampoos, conditioner, personal towel, facial mas, bed socks, moisturisers, hand cream and loofah scrubs.

All items must be new and in date.

These kind donations will be made into packs which will be given to the teenagers when they are needed. Many packs are needed.

Thank you so very much. When we GIVIT Together, we have incredible impact.

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