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Sewing machines

Garran, NSW

Sewing machines for refugee families

Over these past few months our lives have been more disrupted and isolated than ever. For newly arrived refugee families, COVID-19 has added additional hurdles to an already challenging time.

With job loss, limited access to face-to-face learning and more time spent at home there is a growing need for ways in which families can support each other and their mental health.

A local organisation that offers a humanitarian resettlement program is looking for sewing machines for their clients. The women have sewn for years in their homes and having access to a machine now will provide a way to make clothing and other items for their families while being a creative and therapeutic outlet during these uncertain times.

Any pre-loved sewing machines in good working order will be greatly appreciated.

When we GIVIT Together, we have incredible impact. Thank you for your generosity.

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