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What we do

Inspire giving

Fill real need

Do no harm

Reduce landfill

Buy local

Your donations are incredibly important! You give the right help, at the right time, to people who really need it. Support organisations registered with GIVIT use your donations to fill real, and often urgent, needs in their communities. Your donations do no harm, and don't overwhelm charities on the ground... especially in times of disaster. Donations through GIVIT help reduce landfill by diverting tonnes of reusable items to support individuals and communities. We spend 100% of money received on essential needs and 'buy locally' so businesses, often rural, also benefit from your donation.

Now that's the smart way to give!

We hope you enjoy reading some of our heart-warming stories about making a real and positive difference to the lives of Australians in need. You’ll discover how a single donation, given the smart way, can change a life forever. Enjoy!

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