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NSW Education Disaster Recovery Program

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Base and mattress - single

Family in crisis accomodation due to fleeing interstate

Client has moved interstate and currently living in emergency crisis accommodation.
They literally moved with the clothes on their backs.
They are in emergency accommodation, looking for permanent housing.
They are a family 7 - 3 adults and 4 children.
They currently access the laundromat everyday as they have no washing machine.
They are using a small bar fridge as they have no fridge.
They are spending a fortune washing everyday at the laundromat and shopping daily for meals.
They are struggling to save money at this rate to buy household goods.
They have mattresses on the floor at this stage until they can afford beds.
The children have enrolled in the local state school and are happily settling into their new school and new area.
Many thanks from the family for any help or donations that can be offered.


Waterford West QLD 4133


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