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Disaster and Emergency Recovery Service

GIVIT is the smart way to give to people and communities recovering from an emergency or disaster.

Donations made via GIVIT provide critical and immediate support. And we're also there for the long run supporting people as they re-establish homes and we help as communities recover.

We partner with state governments and work really hard to find out exactly what affected people and communities need. In fact, we ask them. Then we listen. And then those needs are listed here. You see, we trust local councils, charities, recovery agencies and community groups to tell us what their community needs. It might be clean bottled water, blankets and mattresses, or food and fuel vouchers for people who can’t return home.

GIVIT works directly with support organisations that have been through GIVIT’s registration process which ensures they are respected and genuinely helping the community recover. They ask for donations on behalf of the vulnerable people they’re assisting.

Our aim is to make sure people devastated by disaster get exactly what they need to recover, where and when they need it. We also want to make it really easy for our wonderful donors to have the greatest possible impact.

GIVIT is the smart way to give.

It’s important to us that donations do no harm. Time and time again we see communities overwhelmed by well-meaning donations that are not needed, or not needed right now. Imagine a truckload of clothes dropped off to a street still soaked by floodwaters. Don’t laugh – it happens! Unwanted donations cause chaos for recovery agencies working to save lives. It means an intense effort is required to sort, store and ultimately throw away donations.

And that breaks our heart.

We don’t want your beautiful donations thrown away. We want them to help change lives. GIVIT ensures giving is coordinated, and reaches the people who need it.

If you donate funds, we promise 100% of your donation received by GIVIT will be used to purchase essential items for people in need. How good is that!

Wherever possible, we buy locally. We support the local retailers who employ local people, provide opportunity and lifeblood to a small town or disaster impacted region.

Need more info? We’ve got you covered. Below is a list of what you need to know.

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