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Our Supporters

Our supporters are family

From providing much-needed items to people and communities in need, services during times of disaster and funding GIVIT’s operations, the GIVIT magic just wouldn’t happen without our partners.

Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners are awesome. Incredible in fact. It’s thanks to their belief in GIVIT and what we do that GIVIT is able to spend 100% of donations we receive for specific appeals on essential items for people in need.

We’re often asked how we can do that. It’s largely due to the support of these partners who significantly help fund our operational costs.

Government Partners

Before GIVIT, donation management was a tricky business. And very labour and resource-intensive. Ineffective even. Time and time again we see communities and charities overwhelmed by well-meaning donations that are not needed, or not needed right now.

Imagine a truckload of clothes dropped off to a street still soaked by floodwaters. Or a box of goods dropped outside a Rural Fire Station - blocking the exit for trucks. Don’t laugh – it happens!

Unwanted donations cause chaos. It means an intense effort is required to sort, store and ultimately throw away donations. And that breaks our heart.

Our Government partners also don’t want beautiful donations thrown away. We want them to help change lives. GIVIT ensures giving is coordinated, and reaches the people who need it.



We are so grateful for the philanthropic support from the following foundations. 


Corporate Product & Service Supporters

The generosity of our corporate donors is mind-blowing. From hundreds of thousands of items of clothing, toiletries or furniture, to pro-bono provision of much-needed service, Australian business has a big heart. And we wouldn’t be able to help as many Australians in need as we do without their everyday support.





Want to become a GIVIT Partner too?

Together we can directly help communities and people in need across Australia.

  • Corporate partnerships
  • Product donations
  • Corporate Volunteering
  • Cause Marketing
  • Workplace Giving

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