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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Children living in Foster Care who don't have very much to call their own.

Foster kids face many challenges experienced by not living with birth parents, many never receive anything new and don't have very much to call their own. In many circumstances these children are removed from family homes at very short notice. Since the beginning of Covid 19 we have seen many more children now living either with Grandparents or in Foster Care. We have also seen a dramatic increase in the need for food and everyday items.


Drop off Pick up Post/Courier Voucher


Glandore SA 5037


Someone else was even faster than you and this request has already been filled.

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The organisation requested a range of trade materials, as well as the donation of trade services to carry out the makeover. The generosity of Taubmans, one of GIVIT's corporate partners, meant we could fulfil this request.

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